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[b.a.p] win-win

Who: Zelo, Jongup
What: 2900w, PG
Summary: So there's this bet open on who can steal Junhong's first kiss but Junhong's pretty sure he doesn't want any part of it, which is a problem. Though one with a surprisingly simple solution, in true Jongupian style.

Basically I'm talking about all of Zelo's DNW faces (or there's bapquality's adorable version ahh~) with a touch of cookie game. ♥ :3


Call it a prank or a challenge, but Himchan swears up and down that he did not start the bet on who could steal Junhong's first kiss. Nobody believes him though. There is, after all, video evidence against him and his bandmates in the betting pool don't remember the idea ever coming up before Warrior.

Junhong is pretty sure that Himchan is just out to make his working life miserable.

"Life is hard," Himchan tells him dismissively, switching topics like costume colours: "Grow up and get used to it."

Junhong scowls to himself. Being told to 'grow up' is the worst thing about being youngest. And Daehyun tried to make him 'get used to it' during Power, but really all that Junhong can think still is that kissing is weird and gross and looks awkward (especially on camera), and his hyungs are all inexplicable weirdos who like sleeping naked and stuff.

Inexplicable. Weirdoes.

He doesn't want to tell Yongguk, though he knows he could and that Yongguk would understand. There are just some things he feels he should be able to handle by himself by now without 'running to daddy,' as Youngjae calls it. (Junhong thinks Youngjae's an idiot too, often enough, but doesn't need to say so since every fan and their ferret's already in on the 'Youngjae Babo' thing. And Junhong doesn't hate him, okay, and they're not always awkward together, it's just that apples aren't supposed to—)


"Ah?" Junhong blinks.

Jongup flicks him between the eyes.

"Ow! What was that for," Junhong frowns, rubbing at his head and leaving out 'asshole' because he isn't Himchan and Jongup isn't Yongguk, and anyway Junhong's pretty sure from watching the older four that name-calling is just another term for that stupid flirting thing he doesn't want to do (aside from how his mother always told him not to be mean).

"I dunno," Jongup shrugs, smiling. "You were thinking or something?"

"Riiight, I was thinking or something…" Junhong snickers. Jongup is funny. But, "I guess so…" he admits. (It's mostly just funny because Jongup is allergic to thinking sometimes and Junhong likes that. It keeps things simple.)

They're in the middle of the practise room, lights on and floorboards clean, just the two of them, and Jongup's music is plugged into the speakers. When the tempo changes Junhong only knows the first beat of the next track from Jongup's fifteen thousand plays of it on iTunes: Turn Up the Music. But amazingly, Jongup doesn't start to dance. His feet shift a bit but he only glances down a second before rubbing the back of his neck and meeting Junhong's eye. "Um. Do you want to talk about it?"

"Oh," Junhong says, surprised and a little touched by this clear show of concern. He weighs up his options. Being bothered by a dumb, not-even-really-serious bet is pretty stupid, he knows this. But he also knows it's really nice of Jongup to ask what the matter is, and he doesn't want Jongup to never ask again because Jongup usually avoids talking about things like problems out loud. "You're… not in the betting pool, are you, hyung?" Junhong hazards carefully.

Jongup gives him a blank look. "Which one?"

"Wh—there's more than one?" Junhong's brain kind of hurts. Of course there's more than one though, his hyungs are all inexplicable weirdos. He heaves a sigh. "Um. You… know. The one where they… That Himchan-hyung started on camera and they keep trying to, um…" He can feel himself going tomato red just trying to put it into words, and he awkwardly rubs at his mouth while staring at the light fixtures that hang far too low on the ceiling. Crap. "Uh. Actuallynevermind, um. H-hey, isn't this the part of the song where you rip off your shirt? Haha!" Junhong tries to get back to business with a little robot dance but Jongup just keeps staring at him, still stock still.

Then twelve beats later, Jongup claps his hands. "Oh! The bet for your first kiss?"

Junhong's twirl comes to an abrupt halt as that tomato feeling splats right back onto his face. "…uh. Yeah, that one. Are you? I mean, are you in the... running?" God it feels awful to say, and Junhong isn't sure if he's completely relieved or completely disappointed when just Jongup shakes his head. "Oh—" Junhong chews on his lower lip. "Oh well, that's okay. That's… I mean, I was just wondering because the other hyungs are all… weird. And you're… not. So…"

Jongup actually laughs, which strikes Junhong as a very Jonguppie thing to do in the midst of crisis. He's about to smile back when Jongup says, "Should I be in on it? Would you let me win?"

Junhong blinks rapidly because though he's thought about this solution, having it actually posed point blank is a bit nerve-racking. "Yeah, I—could, right?" he says haltingly. It's not every day Jongup gets to beat Himchan either (neither of them get to beat any of the hyungs very often, really) so it'd be win-win, right? For the both of them. "Do—would you wanna?"

"Sure, it's just a kiss," Jongup smiles, and Junhong isn't sure how much redder his cheeks can get before they explode into actual fire.

"What do you mean, just a kiss? Kissing's weird and—!"

Jongup rocks up on his tiptoes and pecks Junhong on the cheek. "Not really," he says. "…'s not that weird 'less you think about it too much."

Junhong blinks and rubs thoughtfully at his cheek where Jongup had just—"O-oh. Yeah, okay…" he says. Jongup's right, he supposes. That hadn't been so bad. Kinda like how his mom used to tuck him in bed years ago, just the tiniest bit rougher since Jongup's a guy and even if he shaved in the morning, it's kind of late now so… It's a bit weird, but not so bad.

Jongup snickers a second time and the overhead music almost eats it but Junhong doesn't miss the sound. He looks up with a frown. "What now?"

"You were thinking again," Jongup grins.

Junhong rolls his eyes. "Thinking's good for you sometimes, Moon Jongup-hyung," he pseudo-scolds, but Jongup just laughs again.

"Maybe sometimes," he admits. "But like… just, sit down. Wait a sec."

Junhong does as told, sprawling his legs out on the wood floorboards and leaning back on his hands. He watches Jongup fiddle with the video camera at the front of the practise room with growing suspicion. "What are you doing with that? We're not doing a routine right now…?"

"We're not," Jongup says as he comes back to sit beside Junhong. "But kissing and stuff's still like dancing… a bit. It's just moving your body, you know? And if you do it well, it feels good…"

"Oh… okay," Junhong says, and wonders where all these Jonguppie Thoughts are coming from. Is he quoting Himchan again? Jongup quotes Himchan sometimes, because Himchan says a lot and what he says usually makes sense since he thinks a lot too. (Usually. Other times Junhong thinks Himchan's just a big absolute moron but you can't win always.)

Then again Junhong doesn't think this sounds like anything Himchan would say—not least because Himchan can't actually dance. So maybe it's just Jongup's own thoughts. And if it's just Jongup's own thoughts then maybe it's okay to listen to them.

"Okay," Junhong says again, more decided; and the soft, easy-going smile Jongup gives him sets his mind a bit more at ease.

"Just pretend it's like learning new choreo," Jongup says, leaning in a little. "Do what I do… You'll get it when you do it."

"Okay," Junhong says, and leans in a little too. He can do new choreo. He can play the mime. He licks his lips and steadies his breathing and blinks again when Jongup grins at him.

"Close your eyes, Junhong-ah… just feel it."

"…okay." The music's still playing on the speakers—something a little softer now, an R&B track in English that Junhong doesn't recognise—but he lets the smooth beats of it travel up through his palms on the floor and closes his eyes. He hears Jongup shift a little, feels Jongup's hand on his shoulder a beat before Jongup's weight straddling his lap. It feels weird but then almost instantly not weird because Junhong knows Jongup's form almost as well as his own, and Jongup feels warm from both their dancing just before and the fact that he's just Jongup who is always warm.

Junhong feels him lean in and his skin prickles a little. Jongup's breath is soft against his neck for a long moment before Jongup's lips press in just under his jaw—and Junhong doesn't squeak, okay. He's just a bit surprised. Jongup murmurs something calming and Junhong tilts his head back a little, feeling the kisses slowly move lower across his neck and, okay… it really doesn't feel as strange as he'd thought. It feels kind of nice actually, especially when Jongup sucks just a little, lightly, next to Junhong's Adam's apple. Then Jongup licks at the spot the next second and a weird noise leaves Junhong's mouth. He flushes in embarrassment at the sound of it and is really, really glad the music is still playing even if Jongup is close enough to have definitely heard, and did hear judging by the smile Junhong can feel his lips curve into.

"Um. Hyung…?" Junhong says, flustered. His pulse is going fast as if they hadn't stopped dance practice at all and, okay, yeah, everything is weird—just in a different way from what Junhong had been expecting.

Jongup sits back, his smile seems a little more amused than usual when Junhong opens his eyes. "Okay?" Jongup asks, and Junhong nods because, yeah, it's definitely okay. Just…

"Um… let me just…" Junhong places his hands on Jongup's hips and leans forward, copying his movements. He tilts his head and presses his mouth to Jongup's neck, tentatively at first and then a bit bolder when Jongup hums encouragingly. He doesn't mean to scrape his teeth on Jongup's skin at all, but Jongup sucks in this little half-breath that seems pretty okay so Junhong tries it again, running his teeth softly down the side of Jongup's neck and sucking lightly by his collarbone. Jongup makes a sound all breathy much like the one Junhong had earlier, except he doesn't seem embarrassed by it in the slightest, and Junhong sits up and stares in fascination at Jongup's head tilted back and his lips just a little parted. Just a little wet. He wonders right then if it'd be alright if he maybe just leaned in and—

But Jongup opens his eyes before thought becomes action and Junhong's inner flail at being caught staring ends up lost between them when Jongup leans in first and kisses his mouth. It's definitely nothing, nothing like what Junhong had imagined—not with Jongup's fingers in his hair and Jongup's warm chest pressed against his own, and Jongup's tongue in his mouth making his toes just curl.

Junhong doesn't really know what he's doing until Jongup suddenly flinches a bit, murmuring, and Junhong realises he's slid his hands up under Jongup's tee and his fingers are digging probably painfully into Jongup's sides. He backpedals fast, the blush back on his cheeks full-force. "Sorry, I didn't mean to um…"

"No, s'okay," Jongup smiles, and Junhong freezes because Jongup's voice sounds a shade deeper than usual and kind of… really, really good from two inches away.

"…uh." Swallowing dryly, Junhong fidgets and immediately regrets it with the way Jongup is still in his lap, pressed really close. "Oh god," he says faintly, a little mortified, and Jongup's smile brightens all the way up to his eyes.

"Don't worry about it, Junhong-ah," Jongup says, kissing Junhong briefly again. "Don't think too much. Just go with the flow."

"Okay…" Junhong says, "right," and tries to forget his face is on fire. Not thinking had worked pretty well until he'd accidentally scratched up Jongup's sides. But if Jongup had been mostly okay with that… well. Okay.

Junhong presses his lips to Jongup's first this time, mind set on copying what Jongup had just shown him. He's grateful when Jongup lets him try, parting his lips a bit without Junhong having to ask or anything weird like that (because that would be weird). Junhong closes his eyes again and focuses on the way Jongup's mouth feels. It's a lot different from having Jongup's tongue in his own mouth, kinda… more interesting in a way. Jongup's teeth feel different from Junhong's do when his tongue brushes against them, a- and…

He forgets the analysis when Jongup tilts his head a little and sucks on Junhong's tongue… Junhong moans. He can feel his fingers curling again at the small of Jongup's back, his hips shifting to get as close to Jongup as he can—it feels good and he wants more, pressing forward against Jongup's mouth. He bites at Jongup's lower lip when Jongup tries to pull back. Not so fast…

Jongup is breathing a little heavily when he pulls away, and Junhong is too but then Jongup smiles at him and Junhong feels all the breath just leave his chest. Jongup's eyes are so dark, almost completely black, and Junhong just blinks and blinks and eventually stammers out, "…hyung, I- I really think you're the best-looking one…" (Really, he's just grateful his voice doesn't crack when he says it because nothing in him feels steady at the moment.) Jongup laughs, light and so happily that Junhong can't help smiling back even if he wants to punch him in the arm. "Hey, I'm serious!"

Jongup just shakes his head, smiling. "There's no way that's right, Junhong-ah… but thanks."

"No, I definitely have good taste, you can't deny that!" Junhong says, then stops when he realises it pretty much sounds like he's chosen Jongup and that's totally not what he meant at all, even if he did kind of choose Jongup for this whole dumb bet thing (and would totally keep choosing Jongup first forever if it was up to him)… Junhong bites his lip a bit, uncertain. Okay so maybe he did choose Jongup. He really doesn't want to ruin anything by meaning anything or anything though. "I- I mean… it's not…"

"Do you? Don't you?" Jongup asks, an honest look on his face though Junhong knows he's teasing. "Good taste?"

"I do, you know I do!" Junhong insists, and Jongup smiles.

"That's good… 'cause I do too."

Junhong stares at Jongup for a long moment in surprise until he feels the tips of his ears burn pink again and he looks away, confused. Jongup is confusing sometimes, for a straightforward guy, and Junhong's not sure what to think or feel but there's definitely some measure of disappointment involved when Jongup presses a last, chaste kiss to his cheek and stands up, going back to the video camera at the front of the room.

Junhong watches him pop the memory card and switch it out for a spare before the gears in his head start to turn again and his eyes go wide. "Hyung, you didn't just… record that, did you?" Because oh god

"Hm?" Jongup looks at Junhong over his shoulder. "Himchan-hyung said for the bet, if it's not on the mouth it doesn't count and if it's not on camera it doesn't count."

"Whaaat…" Junhong flops backward on the floor in defeat. Himchan is totally just out to make his working life miserable. "That's like… so uncool. Why is he like that? Is it even legal to be so… just, ugh!" The fact that Himchan is going to watch this video—oh god, and probably Daehyun and Youngjae too, and maybe even Yongguk—sort of makes Junhong want to curl up and die.

Jongup just laughs. "We don't have to show them if you don't want to, you know…"

Junhong frowns up at the dumb, annoying light fixtures. "But then the bet won't end, will it?" Though at this point he's wondering if that isn't just the better option.

Jongup hums, absently twirling the memory card between his fingers in a way Junhong finds hard to ignore. "No. Or we could just do another one…"

"Another—what? Another recording?" Junhong sits up, his heart simultaneously trying to backflip and turn to lead (which doesn't really work and just ends up making him feel kind of stuck in the chest).

Jongup smiles slowly. "Yeah… another take. Of just a kiss. Since you're used to it now, right?"

Right, is what Junhong wants to say in theory but it's not really the truth so what ends up leaving his mouth is a hesitant, "Actually I'm not too sure…" and he feels a corner of his mouth lift when Jongup's smile broadens again. Jongup pockets the memory card, moonwalking smoothly back over to Junhong's spot on the floor, and Junhong smiles around the little bubble of hope lodged in his throat. "We could practice some more…?" he tries, and the hope becomes a little bigger and a lot more solid when Jongup sits down beside him and casually links their hands. "I mean, if you don't mind, hyung…"

"I wouldn't mind," Jongup says and smiles. "Or we could just… kiss. Because I totally wouldn't mind that either."

"Y-yeah," Junhong manages. He wets his lips and his heart thuds loud at the way Jongup's eyes follow the dart of his tongue… yeah, okay. "That sounds good…" he says softly. It sounds really good.

"Okay," Jongup smiles, and apparently it's all as simple as that because he leans in and kisses Junhong again as the next song starts to play over the speakers, and just that fast Junhong remembers that thinking sometimes isn't so necessary after all.

Tags: group: b.a.p, member: jongup, member: zelo, pairing: jonglo
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