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[b.a.p] breaking the mould

Who: Zelo, Himchan, Yongguk
What: 7000w, M
Summary: There is crossdressing. There is porn. Junhong may be a little innocent, but he's not stupid. Yongguk may be a little soft, but he's still leader… and, uh. Well. Himchan is just Himchan. ;;

pwp idk this is just BangHimLo messing around, or maybe just HimLo messing with Bang's head WHY IS IT SO LONG /CLIFFS. A sequel of sorts to echomoon's request so I tried to keep the sweetfluff kind of feel. And, obviously, the crossdressing. Idk what else I'm supposed to warn for, just… ಠ_ಠ yeah. Porn. (Also: oh my actual god, Daehyun why.)


The dorm is quiet on what'll probably be their last full day off in a while.

Junhong walks around, checking the rooms to see if he really is alone. Yongguk's at the studio; Jongup got dragged to the gym by Daehyun and Youngjae for reasons Junhong doesn't really want to think too hard about…

It's really too quiet for Himchan to still be home so Junhong's not really expecting to discover him in the bathroom. He stops short and stares.

Himchan's perched on the edge of the bathtub with his legs stretched out in front of him in these gorgeous black, lace-top stockings… and garter suspenders that disappear up a short leather pencil skirt. He's pouting critically into a hand-held mirror, checking out his glossy red lips, and Junhong feels his brain blank out. Wow, is all he can really think until Himchan smacks his lips one last time and snaps his mirror shut, breaking the spell.

"Oh my god…" Junhong says.

"Junhong-ah~ just the person I wanted to see!" Himchan says, eyes lit up with his normal dumb grin as he beckons Junhong over.

Junhong joins him on the edge of the tub.

Up close Himchan's makeup looks less like the overkill guyliner the makeup noonas give them all sometimes and more like just… really pretty. He's got long, thick lashes on that brush the tops of his cheeks when he blinks, and the shadow he's applied really emphasises the pretty slant of his eyes…

Himchan clears his throat.

Junhong blinks, deadpan. "Hi, hyung."

"Hello, Junhong," Himchan chuckles, clearing the nominal mess around the sink back into his makeup bag. He doesn't beat around the bush. "Okay, here's the situation: I thought you were going skateboarding again, so I planned a fun little surprise for Yongguk since the other three will be at least a few hours comparing dick sizes at the gym and probably go have barbecue after."

Junhong nods. He appreciates Himchan not treating him like he's five since it's pretty obvious exactly what kind of 'fun surprise' is meant in the given context. "I was gonna go out," he admits, "but then I thought since it's been a while and there's all this time today… um. But I won't get in your way if you want the house to yourself, hyung." Because that would be awkward.

Himchan shrugs. "Go or stay, it's your call. I'm just warning you in case you want to put your headphones up a bit louder. Or." He pauses, pursing his lips. "In case you wanted to join in."

That's an offer. Junhong blinks, curious—"Huh. Could I?"—and the look on Himchan's face turns decidedly evil.

"You're not even surprised or anything!"

"Well—" because you're weird, hyung, Junhong wants to say, but figures he should at least try to defend himself: "…you said last time your stockings got ripped up then brought Yongguk-hyung in to see me, so I…" He trails off, not quite embarrassed but it's still odd to say aloud. Who wouldn't think though? Even a little bit? His hyungs are good looking and Himchan isn't the subtle type at all—

"Bbang thought you were really cute that time, you know?" Himchan says with a sly look. "Like, really cute."

"Really?" Junhong says, surprised. It sure hadn't really seemed that way.

"Really," Himchan smirks. "His reaction was pretty lame at the time, but you know how he is when he's put on the spot. You should've seen how messed up he got about it after. That was funny."

Junhong makes a little oh with his mouth as he considers this.

The idea of seeing Yongguk lose his cool not-in-a-bad-way is also interesting. Yongguk just always seems so… professional, even when he's failing in front of the cameras or being stupid in the dorms. He's always The Law at arm's length and so careful despite them all living together… despite them all being close. And so Junhong says (because Himchan isn't the subtle type at all), "What are you thinking, hyung?"

Himchan just smiles a cat-eyed smile and says, "Follow me." And so Junhong does.

Back in the bedroom, Himchan posts his hands on his hips and surveys the mess, and Junhong eyes how the pencil skirt hugs Himchan's thick, shapely thighs. He's just got a loose, black bat-wing top on over it, fine-knit and not even cinched at the waist or anything, but it looks good. Kinda more classic than what Himchan-as-a-guy usually wears, but his new, dark undercut hair and one long, dangly earring give the look a definite cool edge.

"Okay," Himchan says at length. "If anybody asks, you aren't seeing this. Are we understood?"

"Yessir," Junhong replies on auto, which makes Himchan smile.

"Alright then."

Junhong watches with growing fascination as Himchan digs up a corner of his always-neatly-tucked bedding and wrestles a flat-pack vacuum bag out from between the electric blanket and mattress. There's a whole bunch of stuff in there and it really makes Junhong wonder what his other hyungs are hiding around their tiny dorm, because what? All of Junhong's crap is always in plain sight, which is why the only sus stuff he keeps around is locked firmly away behind passwords on his laptop.

Belatedly he realises Himchan is talking again. Something something "—my sister online and then when I told her to buy it in baby blue she had the balls to tell me it wasn't my colour! I mean obviously it's not my colour! But don't worry, I didn't tell her it was for you or anything."

"Huh," Junhong says, crouching down to stare into the clear bag Himchan's dumped on the floor. There is indeed blue in it, and white fluff, and he has an inkling what it's going to look like unpacked but then Himchan tosses one of Yongguk's soft toys on top and Junhong finds his thoughts diverted. "Huh? Tigger?"

"Please, Junhong," Himchan laughs. "Condoms and lube."

"What?" Scandalised, Junhong turns the plush over. It's one of the ones with a zip up the back, and of all the revelations so far this is the one that sends a blazing heat straight up his cheeks. "Oh god, hyung! That's just messed up!" He'll never be able to look at the toys on Yongguk's bed the same way again—or probably any plush ever. Christ.

"I know right?" Himchan grins. "But it wasn't my idea, so don't blame me. You can beat Bbang up about it later."


Himchan smiles, amused, watching Junhong warily set the Tigger aside as if his childhood has just gone up in smoke (which it might have, who knows. Himchan had been horrified the first time Yongguk had pulled a strip of condoms out of Tigger's back in front of his eyes too, that sick fuck).

But the apprehension doesn't last long. Junhong is that rare type of blinkered kid who always knows exactly what he wants—and right now it's pretty clear that includes the blue satin babydoll inside the vacuum bag.

Himchan sits gingerly on the edge of his bed (which is a little awkward, like moving in general, but he's really got no one else to blame but himself) and watches Junhong shake the little dress out and hold it up to his shoulders.

"Wow, hyung," Junhong says, doing this cute swishy dance with his hips, eyes bright. Himchan can't help a wider smile.

"It's nice, right? Thought that'd suit you more than something like this," he says, indicating his own all-black getup. "Try it on?"

Junhong barely needs the prompt before he's out of his hoodie and tee, tossing them up onto his bunk and shimmying into the babydoll with none of last time's tentative air. Himchan mentally congratulates himself on an item well-picked, pleased to see it actually fits (because fit is always a worry with Junhong, even for their stylists). The little dress' fluffy white hem hovers right around the tops of Junhong's thighs…

Though those thighs are currently still stuck in a pair of skinny jeans.

Himchan purses his lips. "Jeans off."

"Yes, Mom," Junhong has the gall to laugh as he peels himself out of them. He seems a bit embarrassed by his bare legs though, rubbing shin and calf together shyly in a way Himchan has to look away from. "…but my legs don't look good."

"I beg to differ," Himchan huffs, because Junhong's legs are disgustingly long, pale and smooth without even shaving, even if his shins are dotted with boyish bruises. But such reasons are why Himchan is mom: he thinks of everything. "Come here. Bring the makeup and the vacuum bag—wait, boxers off first."

Junhong bites his lip against a smile. "Gone with the jeans," he admits, and Himchan feels one little scandal rock his world. Of course they're gone with the jeans because Junhong. Life isn't fair.

A little concealer hides the worst of the bruising and the rest of it won't show through the white stockings Himchan's bought—60 denier with a little ribbing to slim the calves. Himchan thinks Junhong instantly looks better with them on: less barefoot waif and more bedtime Alice, and apparently Junhong thinks so too. "Wow, hyung…" he says again, twirling in front of the mirror like an adorable little shit. His reflection is grinning and Himchan grins proudly back at him.

"Like them?" he asks, though he already knows the answer. (He doesn't mention having to order everything from the other side of the world because nothing around Asia ever turns out as 'X-tra Tall' as it claims. Details.)

"I like them," Junhong says happily. "I like everything." He falls onto the bed beside Himchan, and Himchan's breath catches because awkward but then Junhong leans in and presses a kiss to his cheek and maybe just a little bit of Himchan's heart melts (maybe). "Thanks, hyung," Junhong says. "You're the best. Or well, maybe third best since I still like Yongguk-hyung and Jonguppie better. But it's a really close third, so…"

Himchan rolls his eyes, cheeks puffing up. Third. "Well, I guess that'll have to do." It's not like Yongguk and Jongup can be helped, after all. He turns to dig through his makeup bag instead, though it doesn't take long to find what he wants since Junhong's pretty much gorgeous as he is, bare-faced, and just needs the basics.

"Tell me how to do it this time okay, hyung?" Junhong says, legs crossed and sitting up straight like an attentive puppy.

"Yeah, yeah, you demanding brat," Himchan says, pointedly ignoring the all the motherfucking cute the kid has in spades. (So not fair.) Clearing his throat, he sets about completing Junhong's simple makeover, easily narrating as he works since he's not just winging it this time, from concealer and highlights ("Draw a triangle shape under the eye to hide dark circles and bring out the cheekbones. Blend in with this—") to a fresh, popsicle-style lip tint ("Just tint the inner area. You have to change the direction of the brush, okay? Apply outwards. Then lighter lippy around the edges—").

Really, Himchan just feels like one of those in-store demo people (for the one low price of 9900KRW!) but the way Junhong hangs onto his every word is a nice bonus since usually Junhong only really listens to Yongguk. It takes over half an hour once Junhong is done with all his questions and peering into Himchan's handheld mirror, but Himchan is satisfied with the results. "Next time you can try doing it yourself and I'll just watch," he says and smiles when Junhong's eyes light right up all over again.

"Thanks, hyung," Junhong says breathlessly, launching himself into Himchan's personal space in the way he only does when he's absolutely excited.

Himchan laughs into the hug. "Who knows when that'll be though. We haven't got any more days off on the schedule, have we?"

"Don't think so," Junhong agrees and surprises Himchan by procuring their iPhone out of actual nowhere. "But that's why we gotta make the most of this one."

Himchan can't really argue with that and doesn't even pull a dumb face when Junhong holds the phone up for a selca. It's high time Yongguk joined the party.


Yongguk almost doesn't hear the iPad the first time, distracted, but then it pings twice more and he diverts his attention when he's finished the paragraph he wants to write. A message from Himchan, the iPad says, and Yongguk snorts softly. It could just mean Himchan didn't log out of his LINE account last, or…

Well. It could actually be from Himchan.

Hey, Bbang~ ;9 says the first message.

Then a small picture.

Then in a completely different tone, Hyung!! Come back for some fun before we have it all without you!!!!

Yongguk pokes the thumbnail open with some trepidation. He's not alone in the studio—Marco's in today—and Yongguk slouches in his chair, propping the iPad up higher in an attempt to hide both its screen and his own face.

Which is just as well, because the image that opens is just…

Himchan's gaze is half-lidded and positively smoking in a way that makes Yongguk want to wipe that smirk off his red lips as literally as possible. His eyes are dark, shadowed by long falsies, and then there's Junhong beside him all fresh-faced and bright everything, his smile playful and excited. Junhong has one an arm casually around Himchan's shoulders and—wait. Is that lace?

Yongguk swears under his breath.

"Something up?" Marco asks, glancing over, and Yongguk tries not to fumble his words too badly.

"Uh, just…" my blood pressure. Maybe my dick. Yongguk pushes his chair back and locks the iPad with a frown, grabbing his keys and wallet and shoving everything into his pockets. He settles on the obvious answer: "Dumbass Himchan done something stupid again. I'll be back later."

Marco makes a noise of sympathy. "Good luck fixing it."

"Yeah… thanks," Yongguk says, taking his leave. I'll need it, he thinks a little grimly. The only thing he can think to fix Kim Himchan is screwing him a totally new head since his current one is clearly defective.

Junhong! Why the actual hell is Junhong even with him. Again. Dressed like that. Again! (Well, no, because the satin slip thing is new, Yongguk's brain unhelpfully supplies.)

Yongguk steadfastly resists looking at the picture a second time as he stomps the two blocks back to their dorm, though whether because his subconscious knows the real deal will look so much better in the flesh or because the last thing he wants is a raging hard-on in the middle of the street, he doesn't really know. Doesn't really care.

He's annoyed, kind of, but more than that he's just—

Completely and utterly unsurprised to open the front door and find his best friend reclined casually on the living room couch, straddled by a lapful of their adorable youngest.

"Hey, Bbang~" Himchan purrs—purrs—meeting Yongguk's eye with a sidelong smirk before Junhong's kissing him again (What.) and Himchan's hands disappear up Junhong's very short nightdress.

Yongguk slumps back against the door with a sense of terrible resignation and watches two of the prettiest guys he knows just… casually making out in female negligée. (Really. What.) Himchan draws one leg up, showing off the contrast between his pale skin and the black lace garter straps—and he is showing off, completely aware of himself like this, that much Yongguk knows—but it's the way Junhong responds, shifting back to rub his ass against Himchan's thigh that really does Yongguk's head in.

He's always known Junhong to be more comfortable on stage than off of it, but this is a little ridiculous.

The sensible side of Yongguk is telling him to start the lecture asap, but then Junhong makes this little sound at whatever Himchan's doing to him under that dress—Yongguk's going more out of his mind not being able to see—and says breathily, blindly reaching out a hand, "Hyung… Yongguk-hyung…"

Yongguk's crossed the room before he knows it, perching beside Junhong on the couch and taking Junhong's hand. "I'm here, baby," he says, ignoring Himchan's snicker at the way his voice comes out in the subwoofer range.

"Can I kiss you, hyung," Junhong says, a bit dazed, and Yongguk can barely tear his eyes from those glossy pink lips to look up and give a proper reply—not that Junhong seems to need one, already leaning in, and Yongguk can't find it in himself to even tease. He presses their mouths together and feels Junhong's sigh of—relief? Pleasure? Whatever. Hell.

Junhong's lips taste faintly of strawberry and his silky little dress is smooth under Yongguk's hands as his fingers explore over its simple lace straps and slowly back down Junhong's sides, absently noting which spots make Junhong shiver, which spots make those little sounds escape from his throat—and though putting on a show is the last thing on Yongguk's mind, he's still aware of Himchan enjoying the view. (It's kind of hard to forget since Himchan has never been able to keep his mouth shut or his hands to himself.)

"Come on, Bbang, don't be shy now," Himchan says, teasing as he catches Yongguk's wrist and guides his hand down to Junhong's inner thigh.

Yongguk groans softly into Junhong's mouth, ignoring the tips of his own ears burning in embarrassment as he does. His curls his fingers against the ribbed stockings and drags gently upward, his nails catching the fabric. Junhong hums around his tongue when Yongguk's hand slips under the hem of his dress and Yongguk has to pull back to watch his expression. Pleased. Lax. The dress' silky fabric is soft against his skin, and different from what Yongguk's used to with Himchan. Cooler to the touch. Sweeter.

"Hyung," Junhong breathes again, cheeks pleasantly pink. He smiles noticing Yongguk's eyes on him, and looks back with this blatant adoration that just stabs Yongguk in the chest. "You're my favourite, hyung…"

Himchan pinches Yongguk's leg hard, and Yongguk covers his yelp with a slap of Himchan's hand and a stony glare: "What the hell, you dick!" Junhong's laughter is bright and sudden.

"He's been saying that all morning," Himchan complains in a way that's clearly exaggeration. Yongguk rolls his eyes.

"It's true though," Junhong says cheekily, draping his arms over Yongguk's shoulders and leaning in to kiss at Yongguk's neck.

"Jesus Christ," Yongguk mutters, pressing a hand to Junhong's chest but doing nothing to push him back.

"My favourite, hyung…"

Himchan tilts his chin imperiously. "If you don't shut him up very soon, I'll do it for you," he tells Yongguk. "And he won't like it if I do."

"Really," Yongguk says, tone flat because Himchan isn't that kind of mean, but then "Yes," Himchan says and rocks his hips up against Junhong's, ostentatiously adjusting the black skirt under his ass, and Yongguk swallows dryly at the way Junhong grinds down on Himchan's lap in response.

Himchan smirks and does it again just as deliberate, and Junhong gives this hellishly frustrated whine, his hot breath making the skin of Yongguk's neck prickle. "Hyuuung…"

"Just tell me what you want, baby," Yongguk says in a moment of weakness, and immediately prays he didn't just dig his own grave. But since it's Junhong he's asking, not Himchan, maybe it'll be okay…

Junhong leans out to meet Yongguk's eye not-quite-shyly. The colour's still clear on his cheeks but his voice doesn't waver when he says, "I just want you to touch me, hyung," and Yongguk thinks okay, yeah, I can do that. I can totally do that.

"Alright," he murmurs, sliding his hand back up Junhong's little nightdress as Junhong shifts his hips and clearly tries not to fidget. Yongguk's surprised to find Junhong's cock still trapped below the waistband of his stockings—no holes, no rips. He'd honestly thought Himchan would've taken care of that, but Junhong's straining under the tight fabric, hot to the touch and more than a little wet at the tip as Yongguk palms him.

He watches Junhong's face, wondering how it feels for him through the stockings—if it's good or just teasing—because it sure feels different under Yongguk's fingertips. Junhong pants out Yongguk's name and shivers cutely…

"C'mon, macho man," Himchan says with a shit-eating grin, sliding a hand pointedly up Junhong's stockinged thigh. "Rip into 'em. What's stopping you?"

Yongguk spares him a withering glance. "Impatient fuck."

"Guilty as charged," Himchan chuckles.

"I don't want to," Yongguk says but stops when Junhong suddenly bites his lower lip, eyes flickering down. Sighing a little, Yongguk draws their youngest close with an arm around his waist and murmurs into his hair, "It's not that I don't want you, baby…" He presses a kiss to Junhong's temple and feels Junhong hesitantly relax against him again. "It's just I won't treat you like I treat that dumbass over there."

"You break my heart, Bbang," Himchan says drolly.

Yongguk ignores him.

"…why not," Junhong says, soft. He's not complaining; he just sounds curious and maybe a little distracted as Yongguk begins to gently rub him through his stockings again.

"Not this time." Probably not for a long time, Yongguk thinks honestly. There's just something about Junhong that's too sweet even when he's being cheeky and not at all innocent. He's something else. "Just let me take care of you today," he says, counting himself lucky when Junhong just breathes a quiet, "Okay, hyung," and drops the issue. Yongguk smiles. "Can you lift your hips for me?"

Junhong nods, shifting up onto his knees. Yongguk slides his hands down Junhong's body, slipping his fingers into the stockings' waistband and easing them down. Junhong's breath catches on a brief noise of relief that melts into embarrassed giggles when the tip of his dick peeks out from under his dress. Himchan swats at the dress' fluffy edge with a teasing grin and Junhong buries his blush against Yongguk's neck. "Oh my god..."

"So cute, baby," Yongguk can't help smiling, stroking a hand through Junhong's pale hair.

"Can you just kiss me or something, hyung," Junhong pleads softly, laughter in his eyes despite being desperate for distraction.

"Chyeah," Yongguk chuckles, wrapping an arm tight around Junhong's waist, and presses a deep kiss into his open mouth.

It doesn't take long to get Junhong close again and moaning softly, between the kisses and the strokes of Yongguk's hand (and Himchan playing with the dress bunched around Junhong's waist and the stockings bunched high around Junhong's thighs and everywhere else he can touch between them). Junhong's breath comes quicker as his arms tighten around Yongguk's shoulders. "Hyung," he whines into Yongguk's mouth and Yongguk suddenly feels distinctly uncomfortable in his own jeans.

"Come for me, baby," he murmurs lowly, and Junhong does, his breath catching silently as he tenses, legs trembling. Yongguk holds him closer and tighter, stroking him through his high until Junhong sags against him a little, panting softly, and Yongguk kisses his hair as gently as he can, struggling to keep his own hormones in check.

Himchan, that fucking idiot, doesn't help at all, taking Yongguk's hand up to his mouth and sucking Junhong's come off his fingers one by one, smirking like he knows exactly how much it makes Yongguk want to punch him in the face (or fuck him into the couch) but he can't because Junhong.


Deprived of a reaction, Himchan pouts for a moment before trying again, open-mouthed and louder. He manages to let one finger go with a loud pop and grins in satisfaction when Junhong finally starts in surprise and Yongguk growls.

"Hyung?" Junhong says with wide eyes and red-flushed cheeks. "Oh god, you didn't just—"

"Yeah~ and you taste good," Himchan winks. "Want to try?" Junhong wrinkles his nose and Himchan laughs. "That's okay, Bbang will," he says confidently, turning to Yongguk and licking his lips.

Yongguk hauls him up by the front of his shirt. Their mouths meet almost painfully and Himchan curls his fingers into Yongguk's short hair, his body thrumming at the rough push of Yongguk's tongue in his mouth. He's done, so done and achingly hard from Junhong's ass grinding down on him entirely too long. "Fuck me, Bbang," he orders lowly, pulling back with Yongguk's bottom lip between his teeth. "I've been patient enough."


Junhong scrambles back onto the armrest when Yongguk suddenly shoves Himchan face down into the couch by the back of his neck. It's a complete 180 from just before, almost like when they step on stage and Yongguk becomes a different person, and Junhong can't help staring. Maybe this is a bit of where that comes from, he thinks. Because it's not like Yongguk's angry so much as just…

Or he might be angry.

"You…" Yongguk says, running a hand through his hair as he glares Himchan's way, his voice thick with frustration and other stuff.

"Junhong-ah~ you might want to get off the couch," Himchan whispers, eyes sparkling, and Junhong quickly takes that advice, hopping down from the armrest to peer over it instead, too curious when Himchan gets up onto his elbows and knees and looks at Yongguk down the line of his shoulder. "Yeah, Bbang. Me?"

Yongguk's apparently having one of his bad-with-words moments, because for a while he doesn't actually say anything articulate and Junhong hides his smile in the armrest when Himchan comments mildly, "Tigger's waiting on the coffee table aaany day you're ready now…"

Yongguk scowls and gives Himchan an open-handed slap on the ass that sounds like it hurts. Junhong's eyes go wide but Himchan only laughs. "Pro tip: I can't feel it half as much through the leather."

Yongguk doesn't acknowledge having heard as he moves away, ignoring Himchan's chatter the way he does sometimes, but Junhong knows it's doesn't mean he's not listening.

"Hyung," Junhong says softly, curious. He reaches out for Himchan's hands, and Himchan gives him a soft smile, lacing their fingers. "Did that really not hurt?"

"Not that one," Himchan chuckles, his false lashes fluttering a bit as he wiggles his ass in the air. "With any luck the next few might though."

Junhong doesn't get to ask what he means before Himchan's glancing back again and Junhong follows his gaze to where Yongguk's standing by the table, jeans undone and a fist full of cock as he spreads lube over the condom he's rolled on. Yongguk's gaze is dark when he looks back over, highly unimpressed when his eyes narrow on Himchan's face, and Junhong thinks he sees a shiver run down Himchan's spine where his loose top has slid a bit up his back.

Somehow he doubts it's because Himchan is cold.

Yongguk steps up behind Himchan again and pulls him back by the hips so his ass hovers over the other end of the couch, knees spread. Junhong makes to let Himchan have his hands back so he can prop himself up again but Himchan doesn't let go, staying stretched out willingly and turning his face side-on against the couch cushions.

"Careful what you wish for," Yongguk mutters, voice low.

Himchan definitely shivers then, and smirks as well. "Pretty sure I know what's coming though, Bbang," he says, pointedly eyeing Yongguk's cock.

Yongguk rolls his eyes even as Junhong tries not to laugh at the blatant innuendo. "Fine. You asked for it," Yongguk says, and pushes a hand up under Himchan's tight skirt, peeling it back to sit around his waist.

Junhong really wants to know what it is that makes Yongguk freeze and his eyes narrow before he lands another hard slap on Himchan's bare ass. Himchan just chuckles again, though Junhong feels the flinch in his hands this time—and twice more when Yongguk keeps slapping. By the tenth or twelfth blow Himchan's gasping, his face hidden in the couch and hands gripping Junhong's tight. Junhong can't help feeling a little concern. "Hyung…"

"This is what you get—" Yongguk growls, stopping finally, and Junhong gets the distinct impression he's reining in his language only because Junhong's still there and immediately tries to make himself innocuous as possible.

Himchan's breath is uneven but he still lifts his head. "C'mon, Bbang, I'm more than ready," he says, glancing back at Yongguk with a half-smile, and Junhong marvels at the way his raspy voice is even rougher than usual.

"Evidently you're more than ready," Yongguk bites out, slapping Himchan's thigh before trailing his hand up his backside and fingering… something in his ass. Junhong's not sure what it is and can't really see, but Himchan groans badly when Yongguk tugs and gently pulls it out. It's shaped kind of like a little rubber Christmas tree and Junhong stares as Yongguk drops it atop his discarded jeans with a noise of disgust. "And would it kill you to wear actual underwear sometimes, you slut."

Himchan breathes a husky laugh. "If you have a thing for panties too, you only need say so, Bbang…"

Yongguk growls. "That's not what I mean and you know it."

"Yeah, yeah, just… fuck first, lecture later," Himchan says, trying for commanding but falling a little short when Yongguk lines his dick up and shoves all the way in at once with a hard snap of his hips. Himchan's grip on Junhong's hands goes vicelike and the noise that comes out of his throat makes Junhong' s toes curl. "Finally…" Himchan gasps. "Oh god, Bbang, move, please, I'm begging you, don't you dare take this slow—"

Yongguk just ignores him again, leaning down along Himchan's back and holding Himchan still with strong arms around his waist. He presses slow kisses to the back of Himchan's neck and Himchan looks like he's about to cry from frustration—or maybe bite Yongguk's head off ("I swear to fucking god, Bbang, if you don't move right now, I'm going to")—and Junhong just stares at the two of them: Yongguk's gentle smile somehow looking like demon torture against Himchan's skin, and Himchan as angry as he's ever been and not even throwing a proper tantrum…

His hyungs are so weird.

Yongguk looks up then and Junhong starts in surprise. "Can't let this princess get too spoiled, can we, Junhong-ah?" Yongguk says, soft.

"Right," Junhong says faintly and shakes his head to clear it when Yongguk smiles.

"He gets what he wants a little too often…"

"Right…" Junhong agrees again, refraining from pointing out that half the time it's Yongguk giving Himchan what he wants—Yongguk somehow giving them all what they want because he's just that kind of best awesome person.

"I hate you, Guk, I hate you," Himchan's reduced to saying, which makes Yongguk laugh.

"No you don't, Channie," he says gently, before catching Junhong's eye again. "Don't let go now."

Junhong doesn't get to ask what he means before Yongguk stands up and pulls out (and Himchan calls him a whole bunch of awful things in English that Junhong can't really translate). Yongguk grabs Himchan's hip and turns him onto his back; Junhong doesn't let go and he's got to admit Himchan looks really good with his wrists crossed high above his head like this, his loose top riding up and exposing his flat, pale tummy.

"Wow, hyung," Junhong says and doesn't really know which one of them he's talking to at this point—maybe both. Probably both.

Yongguk smiles and raises one of Himchan's legs, pressing a kiss to his calf and nipping at his stockings and skin in sweet little bites. Himchan tries to knee him in the head but it doesn't really work with the way Yongguk is holding him tight, and Junhong nearly laughs again because Himchan's hands are straining against his grip. He doesn't let go, though. Yongguk said not to. "The more you struggle, Channie…" Yongguk says with apparently infinite patience, and Himchan forces himself still with a loud noise of anger, chest heaving.

The air seems to hum as they stare each other down for two seconds, three… four… Then Yongguk grins and slowly eases his dick back into Himchan's ass, leaning down to kiss Himchan's mouth. Himchan bites him viciously enough to draw blood but Yongguk only laughs and kisses him again, gentle, persistent for a few minutes, and Junhong watches in fascination as Himchan's anger all but melts away. Himchan licks at Yongguk's cut lip almost apologetically, his eyes fluttering closed with a sigh as Yongguk rocks into him.

"Touch yourself, Channie," Yongguk says softly and Himchan hums a vague assent, glancing up at Junhong upside down with a small smile.

"Hi, hyung," Junhong smiles back. "I guess you want your hands back now, huh?"

"Just one; you can keep the other if you want," Himchan chuckles, reaching up briefly to stroke Junhong's cheek. Junhong tilts his head into the touch, then thinks what the hell and licks a broad stripe up Himchan's palm, coating it wetly. Himchan actually freezes a moment before he laughs, soft. "So quick on the uptake," he murmurs, and Junhong feels half-pleased, half-embarrassed at the compliment—especially under Yongguk's watchful gaze.

Leaning on the armrest, Junhong keeps a hold of Himchan's other hand between his own and watches Himchan stroke himself lazily in time with Yongguk's thrusts. Yongguk builds his pace so slowly it's hard to tell that he's driving harder and deeper at all until Himchan's free hand suddenly curls between Junhong's palms and he sounds almost surprised muttering, "Close, Gukkie…"

Yongguk doesn't reply apart from pressing a kiss to the inside of Himchan's leg, changing his angle slightly in a way that makes Himchan suddenly moan as his hips jerk, his whole body shuddering, and Junhong just stares, forgetting to breathe for a moment because Himchan doesn't have a single bad angle and his face kind of looks unfairly amazing when he's feeling good.

Yongguk probably thinks so too—or maybe it's the way Himchan's curled his other leg around Yongguk's back and stuff but his steady rhythm falters a little and he thrusts way harder; harder yet when Himchan tips his head back panting, and comes all over his tummy with a low groan.

Himchan keeps stroking himself even when he's done, spent but still sensitive, still shivering now and again as he draws his hand absently through the mess he's made.

Curious, Junhong shuffles round the edge of the couch and tugs Himchan's wrist away from himself. The idea still seems a little weird but neither Himchan nor Yongguk had minded earlier, so… tentatively he laps at the come on Himchan's fingers twice, three times. It… tastes really strange. The flavour doesn't get any better either and Junhong can't help making a face, scrunching his nose up even more when Himchan laughs at him. "Hyung, you're so weird," he complains.

Himchan grins fondly, carding his fingers through Junhong's hair. "Just come here…"

Junhong mock-huffs softly, but kissing he can do. Kissing he likes. He leans up and hums at the open press of Himchan's red lips and the feel of Himchan's tongue in his mouth and decides not to wonder if Himchan thinks tasting himself in somebody else should be weird at all (because he probably doesn't. He's weird).

Yongguk grunts softly then and Himchan breaks the kiss, and Junhong glances over in time to see Yongguk close his eyes as his body tenses. Himchan's doing something weird with his ass again—Junhong can tell by the way his abs move and he wants to ask what it is but instead just ends up staring at Yongguk, whose face isn't as pretty as Himchan's but is definitely every bit as intense when he comes, and makes Junhong remember why Yongguk is his favourite hyung all over again.

He watches Yongguk lean tiredly on the couch backrest for a while after. It's a few beats before Yongguk sighs and straightens back up and carefully pulls out of Himchan, tying off the condom and shuffling away to the bathroom. The water starts to run, door still open.

Himchan hums, stretching shamelessly on the couch before reaching over for a couple of tissues to fix his skirt. He looks satisfied enough, if not entirely self-congratulatory the way he sometimes does when his plans go perfectly—because this one hadn't quite, Junhong can tell. He doesn't know why that is, but apparently Yongguk does, his low voice floating out of the bathroom sounding abjectly weary. "You two are going to be the death of me."

"Sorry, hyung…" Junhong says, as Himchan scoffs: "If you'd just done it the way I wanted, you wouldn't have had to bother with self-control."

"Not feasible, you idiot," Yongguk grumbles. Water splashes. "We've got five hours' dance practice tomorrow."

"I know we do, I just…" Himchan huffs and pouts a little before his tone changes to hopeful: "Next time we have a couple days off?"

"Three days off," Yongguk says. "Or when we go back you'll just complain you never got any real rest at all."

Junhong snickers and Himchan frowns at him, puffing up his cheeks. "Nobody listens to my plans," he complains. "What's the point of being Commander if nobody listens?"

"We listen when they're good plans though," Junhong says, and Himchan rolls his eyes at his insolence.


Junhong grins. "Guilty as charged." He's about to say more but then Yongguk moves to the bedroom and Junhong remembers they've left all of Himchan's hidden things on the floor and bed in plain sight. But a glance at Himchan says he doesn't seem to care what Yongguk sees and Junhong finds himself not really surprised.

"Mind the water: it's filling the bath," Yongguk says. A moment later he emerges in fresh clothes, damp-haired and running a handtowel over his face. "I suggest you each have a turn and relax sensibly."

Himchan rolls his eyes again and Yongguk tosses the towel at him. Himchan tosses it at Junhong and Junhong takes it with a pause. After a moment's thought he starts collecting the stuff strewn around the area. Yongguk's jeans, Himchan's tissues. The little… Christmas tree thing (oh god), and Tigger. He's going to have to wash the babydoll—do some laundry right away if they're going to have everything dry and packed up again before the other three get home.

"Sensibility is clearly overrated," Himchan tells Yongguk behind him. "If any of us had two shreds of it, we wouldn't be in this line of work with a dating ban and one lame day off every three to five weeks."

Junhong feels his heart drop a little, glancing over his shoulder. He hates hearing his hyungs voice their complaints even if he has a few of his own. Aside from his parents back in Mokpo, the TS Family is all he's really got and hearing any of them say they'd rather be elsewhere…

"Don't pretend you don't love it, you masochist," Yongguk says dryly though, shoving a snapback on his head and hunting around for a matching pair of Air Jordan's. "You're as much of a workaholic as I am."

"Yeah, well, like I said: sensibility. Overrated," Himchan huffs, and Junhong smiles to himself a little.

Yongguk shakes his head. "Nice try justifying your own stupidity."

"Takes a dumbass to know a dumbass," Himchan shoots back super maturely, and Junhong can't help laughing a bit. His hyungs are dumb.

Yongguk pauses with one hand on the front door. "Junhong-ah?"

"Yeah, hyung?" Junhong says, looking up.

"You may love this surrogate mother of yours, but he's still an idiot," Yongguk deadpans with a flat glance at Himchan on the couch. "For your sanity and mine, you really shouldn't listen to everything he says. Or anything he says."

"Yessir," Junhong says, fighting down a grin.

Yongguk nods and gives him a half-smile, ignoring Himchan's protests of Hey, it's not as if your father here's all rocket scientist material either, you know! "I'll try to be back early later so don't play too hard without me, okay?"

"Okay, hyung," Junhong promises as Himchan says hotly, "We are going to play this house to the fucking ground in your absence, Bang Yongguk!"

"The water is running, Himchannie," Yongguk intones. "Don't forget." And then he's gone, and Junhong looks at Himchan who looks back at him with an expression that darkens into complete disgruntlement, and Junhong can't help laughing all over again.


"Problem solved?" Marco asks when Yongguk returns to the studio and drops heavily back into his chair.

"For now I guess," Yongguk says, pretending not to notice Marco eyeing his change of clothes. "Maybe. I don't know. Everything's just…" He waves his hands a bit, trying to find a word or two. 'Messed up' doesn't quite work though it is, because it also isn't. "…a bit complicated," he settles on, dissatisfied with his own vocabulary.

Marco gives him an amused smile. "Cheer up, you tired old man. You don't even have kids yet. Now they're what you call trouble."

"I'm pretty sure I have five though," Yongguk mutters, but he's smiling when Marco laughs and in his heart he knows he wouldn't change them out for the world.

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